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About Us

Marco Rigging CompanyMarco is a name that has been recognized in the Southwest, as an industry leader providing crane and rigging services since 1956. With Phoenix as the corporate headquarters and branch offices in Flagstaff, Tucson, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and San Diego, we are located nearby to assist you with your projects.  

Marco Rigging Company was formed to further expand load movement services already being offered by Marco Crane & Rigging Company. Job site logistics often limit or prohibit crane use requiring manual methods for load movement.  In addition, we have expanded our offering to include:

  • Tower Crane erection, climbs, and dismantle
  • Personnel/Material Hoist erection, jumps, and dismantle
  • Specialized Rigging Services (assistance with rigging configurations for crane picks)
  • Crane Signaling Services (radio communication, max crane picks, multiple crane picks, critical crane picks)
  • Jack & Roll


We are look forward to serving your crane and/or rigging needs.

Rigging Services Provided: 

         - Specialized Rigging Services                                            - Machinery Moving Services                                    - Jack & Roll Services   
         - Millwright Services                                                               - Crane Signaling Services                                       - Tower Crane Erection   

         - Tower Crane Climbs                                                           - Tower Crane Dismantles                                        - Rigging Configurations

         - Crane Lifts                                                                            - Crane Rentals                                                            - Radio Communications

         - Max Crane Picks                                                                  - Multiple Crane Picks                                                 - Critical Crane Picks

         - Rigging Equipment                                                             - Plant Moves                                                                - Plant Relocation
         - Transformer Moves                                                             - Personal & Material Hoist                                        - And Much More!

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