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Marco Rigging Company
provides the most professional Rigging & Rigger Services in the industry. From Rigging and Rigger Services, to Rigging Equipment and Rigger Training, we have all your Rigging Service & Rigging Equipment needs in the Southwestern United States. For more information, contact your nearest Marco Rigging Company / Marco Crane & Rigging Company location today.


If your project requires Rigging, Rigging Services, Riggers, Crane Signaling, or Rigging Equipment, look no further, Marco Rigging Company “your rigging professionals” are here to help.  Contact us today for more information.


Marco Rigging Company has ALL your Rigger Service requirements covered.  Marco Rigging has certified riggers and uses the highest quality rigging equipment in the industry. Request a quote


With our innovative rigging equipment and certified rigging personnel, Marco Rigging Company can handle all of your rigging needs in Arizona and throughout the Southwest. Click here for more information about our superior Rigging Equipment.

Rigging Services Provided: 

         - Specialized Rigging Services                                            - Machinery Moving Services                                    - Jack & Roll Services   
         - Millwright Services                                                               - Crane Signaling Services                                       - Tower Crane Erection   

         - Tower Crane Climbs                                                           - Tower Crane Dismantles                                        - Rigging Configurations

         - Crane Lifts                                                                            - Crane Rentals                                                            - Radio Communications

         - Max Crane Picks                                                                  - Multiple Crane Picks                                                 - Critical Crane Picks

         - Rigging Equipment                                                             - Plant Moves                                                                - Plant Relocation
         - Transformer Moves                                                             - Personal & Material Hoist                                        - And Much More!

Marco Rigging also has close alliances with Mardian Equipment, Marco Crane, and Technology Testing to bring you the best deals and highest quality equipment and training in the crane industry.
For more information on our sister companies, click the links below or call us at 1-800-668-2671.


Mardian Equipment   
  Technology Testing   
  Marco Crane  

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